One of the core components of web pages is the hyperlink. The World Wide Web as we know it today is built on hyperlinks with millions of pages interlinked on the Internet.

The hyperlink provides the ability to link from one web page or resource to another. Linking your web page to another external page is just one part of the linking system in HTML. There are several types of links. These include:

The first time that you encounter the anchor element, it might be a bit confusing because when you think of the logical naming for linking web pages, it would be the link element. Well, that would seem to make sense, but it's not what the link element is used for.

Instead, the link element is used to request external resources for the page such as a CSS or JavaScript file. To create a link on the page, we use the anchor element or tag.

This tag is at the center of all linking on the World Wide Web. The anchor tag element takes both an opening and closing tag.