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React has certainly made Front End development a whole lot more pleasant and has simplified a lot of complex things...

Iterators and Generators On to one of the more interesting additions to JavaScript, and these are Iterators and Generators. But before diving into what they are

ES6 Modules Modules are an integral part of your code, and it's what makes your app readable and maintainable in the long run. In fact, it

Promises JavaScript, as a programming language, is single threaded. To understand what we mean by this let's take the example of an office where there is

Classes If you've written any amount of substantial code you will have come across the need to encapsulate your code, and using JS constructor functions is

Objects, Strings and Object.assign ES2015 has added a shorter syntax for creating object literals, in ES5 you would typicaly see something like this: function createUser(

ES2015 JavaScript reloaded JavaScript has undergone some major changes in the latest update to the language, which was finalized in June 2015. You might have heard